Bolani for Children Who Would Otherwise Go Home Hungry.

With as little as $CAD0.5, you have the opportunity to provide a street child a lunch.

Afghanistan's hungry children
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Street children in Kabul are going home hungry. Their sources of revenue are draining and they have to work harder than before in tough cold days of winter to earn money to feed their family and themselves.

We are planning on donating bolani's to the street kids of Dashte-Barchi of Kabul and we identified the street kids in the area and along their families. Five of our volunteers are living in the area, and we were able to do this assessment first hand.

As each bolani is 10 Afghani a piece, three bolani becomes 30 Afghani and in a day, we will need 1500 Afghani for 50 children. The montly cost of this becomes 45000 Afghani which becomes $CAD610, which is our fundraising goal.

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How are bolanis distributed?

What is bolani?

What happens if the funds exceeded?

What are your plans in the future?

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Bolani for children who would otherwise go home hungry.

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